insulation mattresses


We have developed a complete range of insulation mattresses, which can be used in a wide variety of projects. These special mattresses have been launched by us under the name Duratras® and are fully tailored to your needs. This means that the shape of the object to be insulated is approximated as closely as possible. They are fitted with fastening hooks, which make it possible to install the insulation mattresses without any problems and to remove them easily if necessary. This means that they can always be used again in the event of repairs and changes to the pipework.

Why Duratras®?

  • The most durable insulation mattress

  • Fast and good service

  • Good price-quality ratio

  • Very favourable conditions

  • Available worldwide


They can be made of various materials and executed with several options. Normally, coated glass fabric is used on the outside and uncoated glass fabric is used on the inside.

If desired, the fabric can also be covered with a water and oil repellent coating. The filling material of the Duratras® insulation mattresses can be either loose mineral wool or needle felt.