Insulation method

Thermographic measurements

In S.I.B. our motto is “to stay one step ahead”. When the recession hit, S.I.B. boosted its business activities with an investment in thermal imaging. Ron de Wit (director) has the knowledge and skills of thermography “level 1”.

You can ask us for no-obligation advice and also have a thermographic measurement taken. We also have the expertise to make a cost-benefit analysis, so that you can see at a glance what the payback period is and how much money you can save in the future.

Would you also like a thermographic measurement and possibly an additional consultation? If so, please contact us.


Installation and removal

The installation and removal of the insulation material is quick and easy. You can continue to operate. You can choose to install the material yourself or have it installed by us. If you choose to install yourself, we will provide a straightforward manual with drawings so that you know exactly where the pieces should be installed.

Not every installation is the same. Therefore, each advice is unique. Insulation reduces energy costs, increases safety and benefits the environment.