Samenwerkend Isolatie Bedrijf B.V.

Samenwerkend Isolatie Bedrijf B.V.

Samenwerkend Isolatie Bedrijf B.V. (S.I.B.) – meaning: collaborative insulation company – is specialised in measuring, manufacturing and installing Duratras® insulation mattresses. Under the trademark Duratras® we have been active in the insulation industry for over 30 years. We focus on industry, shipbuilding, offshore, utilities, chemical industry and the high-tech industry.

S.I.B. has two branches; namely in Almere (province of Flevoland) and in Munnekezijl (province of Friesland). We are a lean company and, therefore, you are assured of efficient and short lines of communication.

All our employees are professional, experienced and committed. The relationship with our customers and the quality of our products always comes first. All our employees are qualified and hold a VCA certificate.

We guarantee you the quality and security you rely on as a customer.

Why choose S.I.B.?

  • Durability

  • Good price-quality ratio

  • Qualified and VCA certified

  • High product quality

  • In case of emergencies we are on site within 3 hours!

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Various sectors are already using our products:

Energy scan:

Because we are certified in thermography, we are able to identify precisely which areas suffer the greatest energy losses. We can visit your company to carry out a thermographic measurement. The images show exactly where insulation is required. We can make a cost-benefit analysis for you without any obligation. This way you can see at a glance what the payback period is and how much you will save in the future.

If you would like more information about our product and the possibilities, please contact us using the button below.