Insulation is energy-saving

Save energy

In order to save energy, in recent years much attention has been given to pipe insulation in boiler houses and in many other locations that are fitted with warm water pipes, hot water pipes and steam pipes.

However, for reasons of accessibility and maintenance, the stop valves installed in these pipes are usually not insulated. Nevertheless, the heat losses occurring in these areas are by no means negligible. After all, the surface area (and thus the heat emission) of a valve roughly corresponds to a pipe of 2 metres in length.

Work safely

Besides saving a considerable amount of energy, insulation offers several other benefits. For example, insulation also helps to improve safety, as it prevents staff from getting injured by burning themselves on the hot valves.

Another important aspect is that the reduced heat emission often leads to an improvement in working conditions, and therefore to less absence through illness.

Think about the future

Energy savings also provide environmental benefits, because less gas consumption means less depletion of fossil fuel and less emissions of greenhouse gases. It is important to use these fossil fuels consciously, as this reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

In the Netherlands, and in several European countries, we are engaged in cutting energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions. After all, burning 1Nm3 is equivalent to emitting 1.78gk of CO2