Market segments

Shipping industry

Insulation mattresses provide:

  • Protection against fire hazards

  • Safety for staff

  • Better ambient temperature

Exhaust insulation from Duratras® is suitable for exhaust gas pipes and also for various types and sizes of oil and fuel pipes.


In horticulture, our Duratras® insulation mattresses are mainly used to transport hot exhaust gases safely.

With Duratras® insulation mattresses you create a safe working environment for you and your employees.


Duratras® insulating mattresses are mainly used in central heating systems to insulate all common fittings, such as valves, flanges, pumps, etc.

A considerable saving in energy consumption can often be achieved. S.I.B. has developed an effective range of special insulation mattresses.

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In industrial plants, Duratras® insulation mattresses are mainly used to control energy and processes. Steam and gas turbines are a frequently recurring application in industry.

Due to the extremely high temperatures, turbines are often equipped with several layers of insulation.


In Belgium thermal insulation is used in the high-tech industry.

S.I.B. is active in the semiconductor industry; mainly with the insulation of vacuum chambers that need a bake-out (cleaning).

Power units and CHP generators

The electricity that comes from our electrical sockets is generated by power plants. These power stations burn natural gas, oil or coal to generate electricity. A lot of energy is lost in this combustion. The enormous heat that is generated is dissipated via cooling water or the chimney. Subsequently, electricity cables carry the electricity to the consumer, often over long distances. A lot of energy is also lost in this transport of electricity. Ultimately, we lose about 50 percent of the energy used to produce and transport electricity.

In order to save energy, many hospitals, retirement homes and greenhouses generate their own power with so-called cogeneration technology. A CHP system (CHP stands for “combined heat and power”) is a small power plant. The CHP system uses the natural gas connection to generate electricity. The heat which is released in this process is used to heat water, for example for central heating or for hot water from the tap. A CHP system is economical, because the heat which is released during the combustion of natural gas is put to good use (this is often not the case with power stations) and because no long electricity cables are needed to transport the electricity.

In these CHP systems, Duratras® insulation mattresses are used for all exhaust gas pipes.

This has to be done very precisely, due to very high temperatures of the exhaust gases.


Such a CHP installation is always located in a casing, where the temperature can increase significantly. This can have a negative impact on the switch box with the electronic equipment.

That is why these hot pipes must be insulated, so that the electronic equipment can continue to function.